Garcinia Cambogia: A buzz topic among weight loss bloggers

Anybody who spends even the most minute of time browsing websites online from interest blogs to watching viral videos on YouTube has came across this one particular subject. It is everywhere you look when venturing out into the world, the topic of many conversations amongst friends and relatives, and constantly shown on television commercials or in print ads.

What is this buzz topic you ask? It is weight loss.

weight loss blogging

Everyone and their mother is looking for the most effective method to shed a couple pounds off around their waist. Not many people want to put a lot of time or put in an extraordinary amount of effort in working out to see these slimming results so you can see why “magic pills” are one of the most viable sought out solutions. People are eager to try just about anything as long as it promises to show results; and not just any results but quick natural results. It only makes sense to jump in on the subject, taking advantage of the opportunity by talking about it and that is exactly what many bloggers are doing. Whether their goal is exposure or trying to close on some leads, it is a sure fire topic that nobody wants to pass on. One focus in particular is weight loss via the Garcinia Cambogia extract supplement. It is the newest in the market and it is promising the fastest fat-buster results. But is it just another magical weight loss pill that is making all sorts of promises with no substance?

Bloggers are discussing it everywhere and seeing how Garcinia Cambogia is a popular topic, it must be doing great and there has to be some truth behind it, right? I did some digging around to see what everyone was saying and found a couple points of interest. It is a natural fat blocker made of fruit exctract and people love anything that is natural or organic. It was recently talked about on the popularly watched Dr. Oz show and it included a demonstration of how the Garcinia Cambogia extract works to block fat; and while he did not endorse or recommend any particular product, he did say it was the holy grail of weight loss. That alone was good enough to have it accepted and sent soaring throughout the masses as the newest hot weight loss product in the market. What method do you find works for you that you want to share with the world?

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A better way to make money online

blogging proIt seems like every man and his dog wants to make money online these days. And fair enough as well. The economic climate is changing and let’s face it there’s more to life than studying at Uni and then doing the same old 9 to 5 all of the time. Decades ago this was the norm and business was more out of reach. Monopoly was more commonplace then because the market was made up of some core industries. Now it’s become fractured and there’s so much more choice of products as well as areas to get into for private business. With the advent of the internet a lot of people have benefited from it financially. Given that it requires technical expertise as well there’s a significant barrier to entry that is deceiving. Most people won’t go further than auctioning a few personal effects on ebay. This is great. Take advantage. Now you can with the tips we’ll provide in this article.

Find out what people want

Step a single could be to think about what your guests desire to obtain. Mainly, persons will need replies. Other folks have to have alternatives for their current scenario. Other people today seek out on the internet to locate options and those answers.

If you supply valuable alternatives to high good quality content, that you are inside your strategy to creating an incredibly lucrative web web site.

First build then market

Allow us to appear at only three procedures to gain out of the internet sites and or web pages.

# 1. Place Adsense ads within your internet site. Match each and every block’s colours for your site’s color scheme, as an example, textual content, hyperlink and background colors. Take away the boarders moreover for the “Advertise on this unique website” link.

The marketing blocks that happen to be most beneficial are significant rectangles as well as the moderate. Nonetheless, mixing in Adsense blocks that happen to be other if the boarders blend in together with your internet web site or web site design and style features properly.

# two. Build service or your personal merchandise . It really is a time consuming task, but obtaining a items to promote for your personal visitors is definitely an powerful system to get from net logs as well as your sites.

Clickbank will record your goods totally free inside their items net listing. Loads of people see using the merchandise web directory searching for solutions to promote. It’s a gain acquire scenario.

# 3. Industry other people merchandise. Marketing other folks your gains boosts significantly. You could start marketing and advertising other peoples goods devoid of any troubles linked with being the company particular person who owns the product, or the pressure of developing your very own, coping with customer support.

Adsense is just yet another affiliate program. Encouraging other affiliate applications and Adsense out of the net site will bring you a lot of gains as time passes.

With that mentioned you’ll find a number of questions. With out site visitors, your web site will not at any time advantage.

So, how exactly are you able to generate website traffic for your personal internet sites and web logs?

Quick tips for driving traffic to your website

Below are a few responses which can be actually quick.

1. Write content articles and post them.

2. Learn how to build internet search engine optimized weblog posts and web internet pages.

3. Ppc marketing – not recommended for brand new marketers.

What is a further evaluate? Another stage phone calls for activity. Consider some exercise. Produce an agenda for the web gains and stick to it. Comply with the measures of entrepreneurs which are productive and get active functioning the approach.

Intermittent fasting may hold many benefits for those uninterested in conventional daily dieting

Currently on MyBlogChannel I want to cover the latest in weight loss issues amongst bloggers. One of the hot topics right now is the intermittent fasting approach to weight loss. Scott Kamb has even covered it on his booming blog NerdFitness. In this article, we present to you some of the key tenets of the diet. We would like to thank our guest blogger who wrote it as well. He is actually on this way of eating at the moment. We thought, no better way to hear it from the horses mouth so to speak. Without further ado, here it is…

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in various types of diets collectively referred to as “intermittent fasting,” or even more generally, “caloric restriction.” The idea behind these dietary practices is to avoid eating every time one is hungry, or to go without food for specific periods of time, thus forcing the body to burn fat for energy and reducing the body’s overall long-term calorie intake. This could include taking “mini fasts” for 24 hours, reducing one’s food intake by 50-80% for one or two days a week, or even simply restricting one’s eating to an “eating window” of six to eight hours.

One popular type of diet focused on intermittent fasting is the “5:2 diet.” This diet recommends eating normally for five days a week, and then taking small fasts for two nonconsecutive days a week. For example, on the two “diet days,” one may eat breakfast and then go without food until the next morning, effectively taking a 24-hour fast. One may also simply restrict their caloric intake on diet days to a quarter or half of what they usually eat. It is important to note that while one may eat normally on their non-dieting days, intermittent fasting is not a license to gorge on unhealthy food when not fasting, but simply to eat when hungry without worrying too much about calories.

The reasoning behind intermittent fasting is largely two-fold. First, proponents of fasting assert that it is easier to take small fasts for one or two days week than it is to obsess over calories every single day. One needs considerable discipline, willpower, and fore-thought to count calories seven days a week, whereas it is much more straightforward to take simple fasts here and there. Secondly, advocates claim that fasting is historically a more natural human eating habit than conventional dieting. Our ancestors did not have the abundance of food that is available to people in modern developed countries, and so our bodies may be more biologically adapted to more calorie-restricted eating patterns.

intermittent fasting girl

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors, for example, did not sit down to eat three square meals a day. They did not have grocery stores, let alone all the starchy, carbohydrate-rich processed foods that people in developed nations have ready access to. Humans in the past very likely went without food somewhat regularly, and their bodies would have been used to being in a fasted state fairly often. In contrast to this, if one meets all of his energy needs with food (i.e. he eats every time he gets hungry), then the body has no reason to burn its fat stores and the person will not lose fat without considerable effort.

Research has corroborated the health claims of advocates of intermittent fasting. While general caloric restriction is necessary for one’s body to burn fat, studies have indicated that fasting specifically has unique health benefits aside from simple weight loss. One consequence of intermittent fasting is putting the body into a state called ketogenesis. A body in a ketogenic state is burning the body’s fat reserves for energy instead of glucose (stored in the body as glycogen) that is found in food, particularly food heavy in carbohydrates, such as pasta and bread. As these fatty acids are broken down in the liver through the process of ketosis, ketone bodies are produced, which have been demonstrated to have some positive effects on human brain function.

I personally engage in intermittent fasting for one or two days a week and have noticed improved leanness, and it is indeed easier than worrying about counting calories on a daily basis. It is also suitable for learning to manage hunger and training oneself to not overeat on non-fasting days. Furthermore, modified fasting such as the 5:2 regimen, which reduces caloric intake on fasting days rather than eliminating food altogether, may retain the benefits of intermittent fasting without the risks of nutrition deprivation that come with longer fasts. The 5:2 diet is a simple and popular form of intermittent fasting which can be recommended for those interested in leading a healthier lifestyle, particularly if one does not have the desire or patience for conventional daily dieting.

The best of Lifehacker April 2014

life hacking

Foldable toolkits for optimizing your work space

Lifehacker has written an interesting article about foldable toolkits that are available for better organizing work benches and the like. They are not just handy for keeping things neat but they force the user to keep their most important tools most easily accessible. The article basically goes over the main benefits and features of these boxes.

According to the article, they are great if you live somewhere there isn’t alot of space. They can also be great if your need to be able to get your hands on your most handy tools from anywhere. They enable you to also carry them everywhere as the box is so portable. They unfold at will any place and at any time.

However, it’s more than just a tool box that’s really portable. It folds out to become a work bench as well. You can actually create a bench top with it to be able to put your work on. In addition, as the tools are displayed in front of you in the box, you have easy access to them while you work away.

The article provides a forewarning to would be buyers as well. Apparently, the box is highly customizable. It requires the user to put it together and customize to their requirements. It sounds like it’s definitely one for the technically minded and those who can work though these kinds of problems effectively.

Gmail solves the reply all email length issue

Another article in Lifehacker this week presents one of Google gmails newest features. It solves the problem of getting into email threads that become too long because other people in the thread continuously use the ‘reply all’ button. Eventually, people in the group email start having their own back and forth replies. After a while some of the thread or worse a lot of it can become irrelevant to you. Despite this, and very annoyingly, you’ll still recieve the emails going back and forth.

Gmail has a feature that deals with this. Funnily enough, its not a new one. It’s their email mute button. It’s been around for a long time but goes under the radar a lot. Life hackers post is meant to be a timely and helpful reminder about this aspect of Gmail.

They finish with another reminder that the same can be achieved in outlook. All you have to do is hit the ‘ignore’ button and all will be resolved.

A great way to improve computer security

Lifehacker has a post near the top of their recent posts at the moment about using NFC tags to improve computer security. We thought we’d summarize it for you as we think it’s a handy tick.

Near field communication or NFC is a nifty computer trick. It can do a number of handy things. One of them is to lock and unsecure the computer. Essentially, you get a tag and a scanner is hooked up to the computer. When you swipe it the computer password can be automaically entered and bam your computer is secure while you go off and do something. When you come back to do your work all you need to do is reswipe and hit enter and off to work again. This saves you from having to switch the computer off and reboot it just to go to the toilet while your at the library or somewhere similar.

Setting it up is pretty technical. Thankfully, Lifehacker have provided an install video which may be viewed here. It requires you to use some tools. These are an Arduino Leonardo and and NFC shield, tags and a iron that solders wires.

Yes, it may seem obvious, why couldn’t I simply enter the password and reenter manually? Well this one is for the truly geeky at heart. Some people just love the idea of swiping quicly to lock and unlock automatically. It’s also recommended by the author is a great way of learning how to put together gadgetry with a soldering iron and the tools mentioned herein. Again, check out the video here.

The latest from Techcrunch

In case you live under a rock, Techcrunch is a news blog that reports on breaking news from the world of technology. It’s one of the most read blogs in the global blogisphere. Today we take a look at the latest stories from Techcrunch.

Andrew Auernheimer

Hackers fighting for democracy and constitutional rights

Techcrunch has written the following feature about Andrew Auernheimer who was imprisoned for discovering that AT&T had not fulfilled its legal responsibility to protect the email addresses of 114,000 of its customers. Despite this, Andrew or ‘Weev’ as he’s also known, was sent to prison for accessing AT&Ts computer system. He ended up spending months in solitary confinement. Then his case was brought before the court again for an appeal. This was on the basis that the law under which he was convicted was redundant. More over it was argued that there was no sound legal basis for his conviction. Read more about this ongoing issue here at techcrunch.

Dropbox with questionable hiring of former politician

Alex Wilhelm of Techcrunch has published an artilce about how Dropbox has just hired former Bush chief of staff Ms Rice. As with the Weev issue, again this raises serious concern for the constitutional and democratic rights of citizens to have their privacy protected. Rice is known to have been at the forefront of government hacking and wire taps on unsuspecting citizens while Bush II was president. This is concerning because dropbox is a software that enables its user to store data. Put into the wrong hands, peoples lives could be monitored through this.

Are robots the future of armed conflict?

Techcrunch have been following the development of a robot at MIT Boston called Atlas. It’s a humanoid robot that is used to test how soldiers’ equipment will respond to wear and tear. The robot is very human like and its size is proportionate to the average male. The question raise in techcrunches article is whether this robot is being developed as future ground inventory.

Overvaluations in Silicon Valley

Leena Rao has posted about how Tinder is not valued properly. According to her article, Bloomberg said ten percent of the company had recently been purchased for over five hundred million dollars. This would have meant that overall the company would be valued at over five billion. When this was suggested, many people were taken aback in disbelief. Later the person who purchased a share, Chamath Palihapitiya, confirmed the report as false. He confirmed that it was not valued that high. It has since been reduced to around half a billion dollars. However, it’s also believed that even this amount could be stretching the truth a bit too much.

Is there a sense of purpose and intent in tech development now?

Josh Costine has just written an interesting piece asking the question, is silicon valley losing its way? What this means is, are startups being motivated entirely by money or are the founders more being driven to solve important problems of our times. However, it’s more positive than that. He is reporting on the founder of Asana’s up coming talk at a Techcrunch conference. Asana is software that allows virtual teams to collaborate on projects and write at the same time. In his talk he is suppose to be discussing some uncomfortable truths related to living with purpose and trying to make the world and our orgaizations better places. Further to this, it’s suggested we may be too much driven by the bottom line without enough attention paid to how we can really affect meaningful change in the world.

Here’s another article by Huff Post about this amazing story.